My Angel Is Right Here

December 22, 2009
My body has fallen, my heart is torn, no one hasn't even cared for me anymmore. I'm all alone, no were to go so what does my mind tell me to do. Its says"drop dead, there is no point for you to be here, just go and no one will care." I say to myself "WHERE IS MY ANGEL, WHERE IS THE ONE GO GUIDE ME!!!" and sure enough, He was always here. Without Him, I would drown in my fears, the fear of failing others surrounding me. Without Him, I would drown in my sorrows against this world. I found my Angel here right beside me and i know i can never let Him down. He guides me througbh the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the strong and the weak, and everything else in betweeen. He is the only one who can change my life, only if He really needed to. He told me my challenges are just a sart to a race in my life and that with His help i can make it to the finish line. I pursure it everyday and every night, but i'm so so so glad to know that
My Angel Is Right Here

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