December 22, 2009
i'm never enough.
no matter what i do, i can never measure up
to the perfect person you imagine me to be.
you throw so much at me,
expecting me to react just fine.
on the outside i do.
but on the inside,
it's tearing me up,
clawing away at my body,
and eating me up.
destroying me.
i try so hard
more and more each time.
but i only end up letting you down.
because my efforts weren't good enough.
not perfect.
not up to standards.
why can't you set the bar
to a height you know i can reach?
it's time you did.
because i am my own person
and i can't reach the goals that are expected of me.
i'm sorry that i can't grow up as planned
but i'm growing up in my own way.
discovering things that make me happy
make me me.
discovering things of my own.
just because the things i do
aren't what you did,
doesn't mean i can't enjoy doing it.
you had your chance to grow up and find yourself.
let me have mine.

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