Phishing for Fun

January 8, 2010
By Jason Findling BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
Jason Findling BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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As we near the town of East Troy, excitement begins to engulf me,
Like a tidal wave,
I am instantly drowned in anxiousness.
From California to Vermont,
The license plates range from all over.
Cars are lined up for miles, with what seems like no endpoint.
All of these people for just one show?
I can hear kids running up and down the aisles of cars yelling.
Our arrival to the lot is like the coming of the Messiah,
And of course the park staff greets us with a warm “Hiya!”
I step out of the Jeep and the positive vibes surround me,
Laughter is lightening brightening my day,
Joyful conversations are a new set of eyes,
And I want to see forever.
From suburban Mequon to rural Alpine Valley,
From formal to relaxed,
From Caviar to grilled cheese.
The transformation is spectacular, and I love it!
The pure sight of Magic Hat mugs makes me smile.
We embark to the valley,
And our enthusiasm is enormous,
I climb over the small hill and my mouth drops,
People are dancing like hyenas,
And grooving like disco.
The spectacle itself could bring warmth to a cold heart,
It could bring Vader back from the dark side.
And the band hasn’t even begun to play yet!
Before I know it, I see Trey upon the stage.
The sky is a bathtub of orange cream,
And the fans are a school of children ready for recess.
The harmonic jams take me back,
Back to Christmas, as I await the coming of Santa.
Not to open the presents,
But to be swallowed in the spirit.
Glow sticks begin to fall like rain,
Melting in the sky and then dripping down upon me.
Swimming to the beat of the music,
The glowing beams are wondrous spectacles.
Sweat drips down my face,
The music is the electrolytes entering my body
And the salty mix is the happiness leaving me.
But fear not,
The set has just begun.
Everyone is dancing, prancing, and romancing,
The music has clearly taken over.
Dancing is rebelling against stillness,
And stillness is shackles.
The lights flash upon the crowd like lasers.
And White
I can tell Roy G. Biv has entered the building,
And he never wants to leave.
As dusk turns to dawn,
The show begins pack up,
Phish bids a goodnight to the crowd,
And exit the stage with smiles.
We begin the voyage back up the giant hill,
And still remain star struck.
My gut has been busted from the solos,
And my face has been melted by the melodies.

The author's comments:
I simply wrote about the greatest experience of my life and this is what came out.

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