You'll Learn To Forget

January 7, 2010
By MelissaSmith GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
MelissaSmith GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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My hearts bleeding
My pulse is fading
My mind is going crazy
I'm dying
I can't go back
I'm not coming back
I'm moving away
More like running now
That's what I'm doing
Getting far away
Out of reach
Out of mind
Far from you
Far from all of this
Im letting you go
My choice or not
I can't hold you back
You don't deserve this
Or much less
My imprints have been made
And so have yours
You'll always be remembered
And also those endless nights
The torn memories will play in my head
Like a cassette in rewind
But it's pain i'll learn to love
And memories you'll learn to forget
Don't come after me
Don't come find me
You can post the missing signs
Or send out the messages
But I'm leaving without a trace
Only with the rain as your reminder
Of how hard it was and still is
I'm good for gone
And gone for good

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