Disappearing Act

January 12, 2010
By Mirandakock2010 BRONZE, Grand Blanc, Michigan
Mirandakock2010 BRONZE, Grand Blanc, Michigan
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The arrogance filed between his lines
Those loving words
Sounded so fake
They stung her heart harshly

He missed all those months
All those one-way phone calls
It brought anger to her words
Like a slithering snake being tempted with

Prodding her childhood,
As if it was a joke to him
Pretending as if
He wasn’t there
He didn’t care
He couldn’t love

The utter thought brought her fuming
Like a tea pot ready to be poured
His little angel
His princess
His Saturday-morning-cartoon companion
Betrayed by only him

Her innocence disappeared
As quickly as a magician performing a trick
When he tried to forgive
Her anger just rose
Because the words didn’t hit his heart

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