My Friend, My Tree House

January 5, 2010
By DsGuardian BRONZE, Austin, Texas
DsGuardian BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Climbing up high to the mountain top
Feeling the night’s icy chills fly down my back
Glancing up to breath taking views
An over whelming sensation of relaxation of the air
Reborn to a new you
Time of no fear but a life full of joy
Seeing the nights sky
Connecting dots along the stars
Having adventures through all times
Making up or sharing stories amongst the living
When the time comes to climb down
The tears flow down
As the climb is a slow one that you’re wishing never comes
For the tree house is the sheltering home
One I wish to stay in all day.
For it gives me a coat of warmth
Which gives me life beyond the living
Time always seems to stop when I’m in its grasping arms
So strong to never let me fall
So comforting when streams fly down
How it’s always there when time of need
Just my friend through all the years
One I could talk to with no worries of judgment
In return
I listened to all the words it spoken
The wind brushing through each leaf
The pulse through each vein
As each day passed a bond forever kept
A friend forever founded
Just the tree and me
Taking turns telling stories
Not just as a child
But for the lifetime that remains a head

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