to his new girlfriend:

December 22, 2009
By shamrock09 BRONZE, Keyser, West Virginia
shamrock09 BRONZE, Keyser, West Virginia
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To his new girlfriend:
Just love him, alright?
..youll never love him the way I do, but still love him. Okay?
love his athleticism… hes really good you know.. and it means a lot to him..
.. give him someone to look up into the crowd at.. to beam down at his accomplishments..
Love his competitiveness.. he likes to win, and sometimes it gets a hold of him, but he loves you..
.. and sometimes you have to let him win, don’t let him catch on though..
Love his eyes.. theyre green, you know.. and they look like theres little scales inside of them..
.. if you get really close you can see that.. and then you look deeper.. and theres so much more..
Love his smell… no.. not his cologne.. anyone can love that.. but I mean, love his smell.. how his clothes make his skin smell.. and how good it makes you feel to discover that..
Love his hair.. it really has about a thousand different colors in it.. theres red, brown, blonde..
.. and ive even spotted a gray or two.. but its wonderful.. and don’t be jealous if its nicer than yours..
Love his hats.. hes always wearin one.. doesn’t it look so cute how it juss sits on top of his bushy hair..
.. buy him new ones every now and again, so he gets a good variety.. do that for me, okay?
Love his quirks.. like how he doesn’t want ice in his drinks.. .. no, it hurts his teeth sometimes..
.. oh and when he’s really thirsty give him room temperature water.. he likes that best.
Love how he jokes with you.. love his sense of humor. Its different, and may take some time..
..but just take him for how he is, okay? He’s a really great guy and is soooo funny..
Love how he wrestles with you. .. you know he could hurt you if he really wanted to..
..but also know that he wouldn’t hurt you for anything anyone could ever give him..
Love his efforts.. he’d really do anything in the world for the one he loves..
.. even if she’s stupid enough to not realize it. So don’t be stupid, alright?
…… theres so much to love about this guy. Youll find more things every day.
You’ll never feel the way I do about him, I promise,
But just love him, okay?

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