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December 22, 2009
By shamrock09 BRONZE, Keyser, West Virginia
shamrock09 BRONZE, Keyser, West Virginia
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...and then it hits you.
like a whirlwind of fury.. of wrath.
it attacks and eats at your very soul.
you begin to question if youre supposed to feel this way..
is it supposed to hurt?
then you stop to question something else:
is this really hurt?
this sudden feeling of passion.. longing.

you now realize you want this.
..more than anything, you want this intense emotion
to swallow you alive.
how can such a sudden burst of thought seem
to strangle the very breath directly from your body
are you smothering?

is this supposed to feel this way?
is all this supposed to be attacking my senses?

Why is my mind such a chaotic mess?
it is only filled with you.
your eyes.
your hair.
your smile.
your smell..
...those lips..
that face.

and with that sudden assurance,
you realize what it is.
what it means..
what it feels..

to fall in love at first sight

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