"You Begin to See"

December 24, 2009
By in8jocelyn BRONZE, Bem Lomond, California
in8jocelyn BRONZE, Bem Lomond, California
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Finally they begin to see
Beauty as it was meant to be
Overlooked as common things often are
But it's been it was place in front of your face
you musn't look far
were pushed aside by showy girls
who flashed their white smiles, blonde soft curls

But how could you think "beautiful"
All I need is another thin and dull
With inches of cleavage shoved in your face
Eyes rimmed thicjk with liner
You just couldn't seem to look past
and find HER

The author's comments:
It's not quite fineishe there is more I need to revise. What do you think? I need help.

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