What I fight for... [Passion of a Soldier]

December 20, 2009
I fight for the common man,
and the stranger down the street.
For my neighbors around the corner
and for my brother of the week.
I fight for those who’ve died,
and for those who have yet to fall.
I fight for all my country,
and I fight for it all.
To whom it may concern,
I’m just a soldier with a gun,
risking my life while you’re in school,
I’m always on the run.
Can’t even wipe my brow
as sweat rolls down my face.
Another bloodbath soon to come,
this is the human race.
I fight for the dead children
that I had to watch die.
Because they weren’t one of us,
the U.S A. side
I fight for reasons I forget about,
since war can often change you.
I fight for what politicians argue about,
as they try to rearrange you.
I fight for my mother at home,
who didn’t want me to go.
I fight for the dog I got,
last year’s winter with no snow.
I fight for my father,
who I haven’t seen in years.
And I fight for my ex girlfriend,
who’s betrayal brought me to tears
I fight for my gay sister,
Who can never join the war,
and I fight for our ‘lil brother,
who’s gone blind and just turned four.
I fight for the town that I grew up in,
though times were hard and in my face.
I fight for the bullies that teased me,
as they tried to mock me for my race.
I fight for the people I will never get to see.
And finally I fight for,
well, I fight for me.

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