The Aftermath

December 19, 2009
By rebeccabyproxy PLATINUM, Shelton, Connecticut
rebeccabyproxy PLATINUM, Shelton, Connecticut
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"I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone."

Snow tastes bittersweet;
nearly lifts me off my feet
as I walk this rocky road
rethinking harsh words thrown.

My head is lifted to the sky;
no stars gleam down, the city's lights too bright.
I want to lay down on the cold, wet cement-
close my eyes and just forget.

You don't know what it's like to be me.
You can't comprehend the thought of not being free
from your own mind, it keeps you locked inside yourself.
Like an internal veil distancing you from everyone else.

Living has become a draining task;
hiding behind a cracking porcelain mask.
Happy times always go too fast,
but forever will my scars last.

I hurt within and the pain is real.
It's as much physical as emotional.
My heart aches and screams in protest
of holding in things I want to confess.

When I look in a mirror all I see is hate,
sadness and suffering, and an unfamiliar face.
Along the way, I lost myself.
And the love that I'd once felt.

Tears freeze running down my cheeks,
drip into my mouth when I speak
as I cry on this secluded street
alone and broken, on my knees.

(I am just am empty shell of life
blindly stumbling
into eternal

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