January 7, 2010
Flying through the night air
Cold wind rushing through my ears
Night and air conspire
To throw off the bonds
Of the material world
I fly among the trees
Sharp black forms
Cut against an amethyst sky
I whisk by them
Fast and powerful as a nighthawk
An enormous wave of melodious orchestral sound
Breaks over me
Bearing me away with it
My spirit
In flight
Soaring weightless
Through a glorious night
A ship in full sail
Born by a fathomless sea
Swelling beneath me
Born by a melody
Immense in volume, power, and scope
Pure as a pealing bell
Filling my entire being
With harmonious sound
I spread out my arms
My wings
And gaze up
At the fantastical world
Surrounding me
Luminous forms
Ethereal and magical
A land of dreams
The realm of the spirit

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