I Like To Think

December 30, 2009
I like to think,
You think of me,
When it’s bright and sunny,
I like to think,
You remember me,
When you throw away,
The toys we played with.
I like to think,
You miss me,
When you think of me,
When you remember,
All the fun we had.
I like to think,
That in your mind,
I am a fond memory,
A best friend lost,
Amidst those crazy teen years,
And not just,
And pesky fly,
In the back of your brain.
I like to think,
You wish,
As I do,
That we were still friends.
I like to think these things,
It brings me peace,
In my mind,
To think that we really were friends,
Best friends,
Sisters, even.
Then again,
I am probably wrong,
But I like to think,
I am right.

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