December 29, 2009
Her eyes are open,bleeding the darkest brown
they sag, they're wore out
tired of seeing the dark.
And her spirit wait for the Lord, taking her away.
When will the day come...when will it come?
Her bones are too weak
needing assitance to stand
they sink under perssure begging to lay down.
Both eyes are open
they never see the light.
They never see the blue sky, the clear moon,the yellow sun.
She falls asleep,thinking it night.
Or is she just taking a nap for the time?
Waking up,
after hours on end
to stare into nothing,
black streaching far.
I think to myself,
how cold can you feel
when all you see it nothing
and you're living in the dark?
Does she shiver and shake
while screaching for something
still feeling it's empty?
Does cry and fall with grief
waitung and waiting
for her sprirt to be free
for her heart to stop
And sometimes I wish
I wasn't far away
I could hug her and
tell her that everying's ok.
But the wind wont carry me
And there's no words to say.
And her family downstairs
dont hear her crying pleads.
Her family downstairs
don't unferstand what she needs.
And sometimesI wish
I wasn't far away
I could hug her and
tell her that everything's

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