Welcome To My Glass Castle

December 29, 2009
By Antonia Chandler GOLD, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Antonia Chandler GOLD, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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Welcome to my glass castle.
Please be careful not to break anything.
Time is borrowed here. We take better moments and splice them onto darker ones, rather like a movie edit. If the action sequence is too long, add a love scene. Things always have happy endings.
Here we fill history books with Santa Clause lies. Yes children, there is a god. He'll make it easier to sleep at night.
Our walls are made of silica but by no means are they seethrough. We can see you but you can't see us, unless we open up our double bolted doors and let you in. I don't know if you should consider yourself lucky, or cursed.
Inside, we play games with our souls as if they were dodge balls. I'll throw my heart at you. See if you can avoid examining it too carefully-you might get hit, and get hurt. Don't bother throwing yours back, because I'll only catch it, and then you'll be out of the game. The game is everything, here.
Like Jesus and Peter Pan, we are all figments of imaginations somewhere, and we will be forever.
We are immortalized here in my glass castle.
Don't touch anything. If you come in, keep your hands to yourself. We don't like the touch of humans. It's too fragile, nothing will last but our ideas. There's no need for contact.
The children here read their bibles as if it was a doctor Seuss rhyme. Boxes and foxes and cats and hats and he rose from the dead, the Lorax speaks for the trees. It is a game.
Time is borrowed here, and things have happy endings.
Remember your Santa Clause lies as you fall asleep tonight.
Welcome to my glass castle.

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