Blind Folds

December 28, 2009
My eyes are open and all I see is
Darkness that seems to overshadow me.
One step forward, always seems as if it were two steps back,
I look around and all I see is black.
Light never seems to come through,
Like a never ending issue.

When night creeps upon me and all is still
That is when everything becomes real
To me, that is when I see the most,
To me, that is when I do not feel like a ghost.
When my eyes are closed, I think strongly,
I feel the harmony and really see the beauty.

When my eyes are opened again,
That is when the darkness begins to spread.
It’s not that hard to understand, you will see,
Let me explain very briefly.
My vision is shut because I am blind,
But I assure you at night, I see everything quiet refined.

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