A Hope Of Love

December 28, 2009
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A hope of love is what I would cling to if it were there

A trail of forgotten loves has left my slate bare

Some say it is better to have loved and lost

At some points I agree but at what cost?

A great selfless life sacrifice

To take a chance and roll those love dice

A loss is time wasted a win is history in the making

As I write this rhyme I remember of love taking me

Of love breaking me

A loss each time leads you to this poem that I write

Even if u win it leads u to this everlasting fight

A fight. It leads to a loss

A fight. I remember those as I look into an oak tree’s moss

These words of losing love are boring and disappointing most of you

When it all comes to the end at least I represented MY view…

P2My apologies.

I’ve spoken of love lost and lost loves but what of the wins?

The Gail’s, the Jane’s, the Katy’s, the Mary’s, and the Lynn’s?

Of any of these I know not.

Be they cute, sassy, stuck up, or hot to trot

Then why write about it you ask? The answer may offend

But it’s just easy. At least when u have seen it to loves end

How? Ill answer and stay with me do not go astray

There is one love I have stuck with to this day

Still don’t understand? Well I’ll say it again. Maybe you’ll keep this coveted

I have lost but I have a love to this day I haven’t seen this one end yet. She is my beloved

I don’t believe this your still scratching your head

Now I am sorry. None of you will know even when your dead


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dizzy said...
Jan. 29, 2010 at 2:21 pm
I love this. So deep, so true.
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