free style

December 28, 2009
By Anonymous

every day i think about you
and find myself realizing my emotions were true
and now all i can do is hope and plan
and wish for what may never happen again
when you left the best of me left too
for i can't be real or happy without you
for something so complicated and amazing
can be simply, simplistic
but i do realize how much worse people have than this
this is my struggles but how worse can it be?
it's always been a nightmare to never see
the escape i get when i run or write
but what if i'm afraid of the night for going to the light
what if my only choice for life was a villian or a corpse
and either way i recieved no remorse
man my struggles may hurt me deep down inside
but every time i think about it i'm still thankful for my life

The author's comments:
this was totally, 100% off the top of my head at the moment hence the name "free style"

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