White Noise

White noise, a subtle roar,
A vastness, black and huge beyond our comprehension

The cold breeze off her bosom ruffles my hair,
Makes me shiver and feel alive

I hear her voice in the waves,
So similar yet so different to the waves of the shallows

Calling to me, makes my heart yearn for that which I cannot know
My heart beats in time with her pulse
One, two, one, two
The bellows that feed the flame of my desires

The expanse of her body, stretching out to a length beyond my eyes
From Horizon to Horizon she flows,
More graceful then the most lithe of dancers,
More sinuous then the great cats

Lapping, beating, pounding,
Her scions overtake the shore, the beach, the land itself

Her essence fills the air we breathe, and we bathe in her spirit

In a language lost to the sands of time,
She whispers ancient secrets known to none but her
She, whose has seen lands rise and empires fall,
Who has seen mountains of fire hotter than the greatest phoenix,
Whose embrace is sought by many and feared by more
She is in me, and you, and all that lives
She is eternal and her sound is that of white noise

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Kati Y. said...
Jan. 21, 2010 at 2:16 pm
very well written! I hope you had a fun time renting the boat.
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