Every Almost Answer

December 13, 2009
They say water is a sign of cleansing, a sign of rebirth. But cannot it represent war too? For even rain turns to snow, while winter is associated with death.
No, even further, water, lakes and puddles are like a mirror, reflecting back ourselves for us to see... There is a surface and deep depths in water; several levels and symbols themselves. And even when you go too deep in those droplets of life, you die under the pressure. Not everything is as it seems--n' rarely something is. Why water be life when People Drown In It? And Why it be death--Without It We Die. No, water is Both, yet Neither. -It has its own meaning with two ways--too many ways--to look at it. No, water is Never one thing, but plenty of things. There is never only yes and a no. There's always that contradictory reply somewhere in the midst of the two ..For even the world is in color instead of black or white. Yes, black. And white... and Every color Inbetween.

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