The Lost Girl

December 7, 2009
By Steph-n-Brutus-n-Izzy BRONZE, Roxboro, North Carolina
Steph-n-Brutus-n-Izzy BRONZE, Roxboro, North Carolina
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Another rainy day.
I hate these days!
I hate pretty much everything now
It’s all because of that guy
I let him get the best of me.

I always do that
And I wonder why I keep getting hurt.
Could it be because I’m a sucker?
The rain is hitting my window pretty hard
I guess the world is crying too.

My mind is useless right now, so is my heart
He just ripped it out without a care
And nobody is here for me to lean on
So maybe I am that last girl
I feel so used and alone.

I try to focus on other things
But my eyes keep staring out that rain streaked window.
While my face is streaking with tears
I always let him get the best of me
No matter how hard I try not to.

No one cares, nobody wants to.
I’m just somebody, taking up space
They all want me to leave
They’ll be happier
Maybe I should, just leave

The rain and wind pick up speed
So do my tears.
I’m just a silly little girl
I'm always getting hurt
When will it be my time to shine?

I’m just in the shadows
I’m not that important
Maybe you will forget about me
I’m just a dying flower
I’m the last little kitty that nobody wants

So why bother anymore?
I’ll never be number one in the spotlight
Always number three
Nothing I do is ever mine anymore
Somebody always comes to take it away from me

I’m not a drama queen
I’m a girl that cares too much - for what?
I tried for so long to stop caring
And yet you still get to me!
Are you happy, I’m finally giving in!

You got the best of me
I tried to fight back, but that was worst
You win, you always knew you would
So I shed my tears in private
Nobody cares, so why even try?

I’m falling into the shadows
I see his wicked grin
I hear him say “I win, always had and always will”
I’m in a black whole now
I let him suck the life out of me!

He’s happy now, he got what he wanted
I’m just hiding in the shadows
Why try and do anything to make them proud of me?
He’ll just steal the spot light
My spotlight.

The author's comments:
It just came to my mind, I write what I feel. And this just pop in my mind and I started righting

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