December 17, 2009
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I am uneasy.
These traitors surround me,
But are never seen.
I walk among them,
I know they are here,
But they are well hidden from me.
They sniff me out,
A bloodhound.
Like a moth to a flame.
I feel them,
They watch my every move.
These crowded hallways are their breeding grounds.
Their translucent webs snare my thoughts and capture my trust,
Without me ever knowing.
I am surrounded,
I am a prisoner of these hollowed grounds.
Their sweet words are music to my ears.
Singing songs of untrue verses.
Whispering words of hate.
They are the sirens of this real world.
They are the monsters of my dreams.
My friends,
Oh beloved ones,
I always come to you.
But I mustn’t forget, in these ever moving currents,
That they are the sharks,
The man eaters.
The back stabbers.
The traitors.

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