Too Busy

December 17, 2009
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I know I said I would never leave,
That I just couldn’t be apart from you.
I know that I am my mother’s child,
By my hands, smile, and sometimes even my heart.
I know the words I have said, may have hurt you in someway.
But mom, it just wasn’t right.
Each night without my brother there,
Or even without the family feeling.
Where is my dinner? Sorry I won’t bother you again to help with my homework.
Can I go to my friends for just an hour?
I don’t hear anything, I guess you’re busy.
Mom! Its parent day tomorrow at school, do you want to go?
I guess you’re still too busy.
I know it’s hard as a single mom to raise me alone,
But why did you have to bring him home?
It can’t be just me and you, like in the old days.
Me and you crawling around in the garden,
Pretending to be a creature that we’re not.
Laughing and hugging is what I remember,
But now I see you with him, and it breaks my heart.
I am crying now;
But you’re still not knocking at my door.
I guess your to busy.
Well I’m going to leave now,
Sorry to break your heart.

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