On a Bright and Promising Future

December 16, 2009
By Anonymous

[Dark stage, GIRL sits under single light, anxious, isolated]
I can feel it building up in my legs
A burning, bubbling tension
Fizzing, surging upward
Idleness vaporizing
into my bloodstream
Turning to fear

[Face contorts in effort to remain seated, voice raising]
I’m vibrating, bouncing
I pound out a spastic beat,
heel hammering the floor
Jittery, pulsating
I can’t take sitting here
Relentless, desperate
Keeping me on edge

Nails on chalk board edge
Finger along a blade edge
Rim of the Grand Canyon edge
Close enough that all I need
is someone to lean in and whisper:


[GIRL bursts upward to standing, yelling now]
And I’ll be falling
Away from this beat being
pounded by my restless feet
Away from this buzzing silence
Away from this dizzying fog of
never enoughs

{Slumps back to original position, exhausted]
I need to get out
I need to jump off
I need to fall away
Be doing anything
Anything but this nothing,
Nothing and

[Black Out]

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