Country Poem

December 16, 2009
By CaseyMick SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
CaseyMick SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, France
These are different cultures in Europe so give them a chance.
We came from Europe to the States
Fast and slow at different rates.
Some came for land, some for new hope
To escape poverty and no longer mope.
For religious reasons and political too
From there country they were sadly shoed

Both Ireland and Scotland came for land
The Scots wanted to come but the Irish were banned.
Another story that is truly bad
The French and the Swiss were really sad
The religious and economic problems were at code red
They had had enough, so then they fled.
All sailed across ocean blue
What they would find they hadn’t a clue
They hoped for the best
On their long over-sea quest.
The Irish and Scotts landed in Pennsylvania
Down the great wagon road they came
The Swiss landed in North Carolina
And the French came down from Virginia

The continuations that we made
Technology from Scotland, New Bern from the Swiss and also the game that we play.
The Irish contributed to the revolution and land. While the French contributed to the colonies at hand.

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