You With Your Graceful Smile

December 16, 2009
By ItsCaroHere BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
ItsCaroHere BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I am not a has been, I am a will be

you with your graceful smile
you who makes me think for a while
a little more than a while
too much actually
but you will never know how my heart beats
for you
its you who dances in my heart
i shouldve known from the start
you're hard to figure out
like a puzzle
i wont give up on

i hate torture
but i bother my soul
longing for you
you're like a baby in a mother
you're like two hearts against eachother
just like lovers
my breath against you
will not hover

no words
i have
no words
see what you do to me
even in my own poem
i am afraid
of you
you with your graceful smile

this isnt right
this is all
in me
i need you
to confirm what this is
confusion drowns me
my thoughts
running like a jaguar
through a crazy jungle
it wont stop
you wont stop
my heart beat will not stop
can this stop?
i need you
help me stop
tell me to stop

you who makes me think for a while
you who scars me
how can this be
you're not aware
but i feel that you're there
my heart tells me
you're not that
holding back
are you?
i am
building bridges
too powerful
for even the strongest of souls
to get through
i give you permission
climb over the bridge
knock down that wall
that doesn't let me
show at all

you do not know
you do not know
i will not say
i cannot say
bruise me once more
i rather that
then not adore
your words
your eyes
your smile
so graceful
i cannot
think of you
for a while
not even music
can block you out
soul so almighty

open up
like my heart to thee
open up
i knock slowly
will you open?
will i always have
these thoughts in me ?
- theDreamer

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