December 16, 2009
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Can you hear it?
The silence?
The perpetual nothingness?
You may not understand.
You may not be able to find it.
You may not know where to look.
It is the thing that you hate’
The thing that you love.
The thing that you ignore.
You want it.
Even though you may not know what it is.
There is one time in your life when you may understand.
It will never come when you want it.
It will come in your time of deepest depression.
It will come when your world crumbles down on you from all sides.
It will only come when you need it.
When your friends and family can no longer hear your cries for help.
When your heartbeat drowns out all other sound.
Don’t doubt it.
Don’t hope for it.
Don’t wait for it.
When it comes, you will not be grateful for it,
But you will welcome it.
What is it, you may ask?
It is the silence that you hear after all hope is lost.
Can you hear it?
The sweet nothingness.

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