December 16, 2009
By Cameron Hertrich BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Cameron Hertrich BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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lately i’ve not been myself

for reasons still unknown

i lie awake in solitude

wondering why they can’t be shown

i wish to solve this mystery

so i think of reasons why

i feel so numb on the inside

yet still feel the need to cry

maybe its because my heart wants love

as i think of loves joyous bliss

but i do not feel a single thing

that feeling i surely miss

maybe i want happiness

to enjoy life, laugh and grin

but what i feel towards life prevents

happiness to be let in

i try to please everyone

day in and day out

to try to make a better person

of me without a doubt

yet this charade continuous

and as i play my part

i put on this moronic facade

to fill the void that’s in my heart

to feel important is all i want

i wish i was so greatly

but i just cant feel that way about myself

with the feelings i’ve had lately.

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