Your Sarrow Is my Peace

December 16, 2009
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I loved you,
I still do,
Even with every passing day
I do.
I hated you,
it’s true
but I feel as if I haven’t completely failed you.
Your moody wrath.
Your never fail laugh.
I love it all,
I really do.
The wind wakes me from my sleep.
It carries words that you whisper to me as I weep.
Comforting as you always have,
As I walk along and pave my path.
I keep me eyes forward,
For I know that if I look back,
Then I will see you on your unfinished path.
I pray for you.
I remember you.
But I can never seem to forget you.
I hated you,
It’s true,
But only for leaving me alone here so soon.
But then again,
I am never truly alone.
I see you when I close my eyes.
And I guess I can only wander why.
But I loved you,
It’s true.
I really hope you know I do.

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