Like Father, Like Daughter

December 15, 2009
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Enlighten me with all that you know.
Words escape thin lips with
Complicated, yet unproblematic fluency
In ways of which that can be easily grasped
And understood.
I’d like to think I learn most, though,
From what it is that is not spoken.
And you, Sir,
Can be the most silent form of quiet.

Embrace me with all you that you feel.
Brown eyes almost always give you away
Even when syllables lay dormant under
The linings of your tongue.
I have taken note of their coldness when you anger.
Or the defiant tears that glide down to your chin
As to maybe drip unto a sorrowed hand
To restore life temporarily lost.
Pieces of me crumble away on such rare occasions
That I witness you crying.

Inspire me with all that you dream.
Obstacles are ever-present,
Awaiting the obstruction of
Your perseverance to provide for the ones you love.
Never does it seem to deter your drive.
You define what it is I aspire to be.

Like Father, like Daughter.

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