Too no longer hide, but to fear.

December 15, 2009
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He goes through it everyday
Every minute

She hears the words
Even the ones left unspoken

As he walks heads turn
Words are whispered ever so softly

She feels the stares
Knows the look of disgust upon their faces

He hides the bruises
Hides what they do

She uses it to get away
To feel free of them

Everyday brings more
Every step hurts

She use to have friends
They all left after they heard

He can't sleep
The nightmares always taunt him

She lives on the street
Parents disowned their "shame"

He can't take another day
This is it, he's done

She feels lost and alone
Doesn't want to continue

He's knows where to find it
To find that lethal escape

She grabs the cold steel
Feels it in her hands and knows what to do

He fills it feeling more sure than ever
Holds it to his chest knowing the end result

She places it in that sweet spot
The one that's sure to work

He wants to end the pain
The hate, the shame

She knows what to do
All she must do to end it

He feels the cold metal in his hand
Says one last goodbye and pulls the trigger

She finds the courage
Releases her demons, with the whisper of her goodbye

Two futures lost
Because of the hate
Two people never to see tomorrow
Because of the pain
Two names to be forgotten
Because no one cared.

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