December 15, 2009
A little boy sits in a corner and cries and cries and cries,
“Don’t cry little boy,” I say.
But I’m too far away to be heard,
And I’m too far away to be seen,
Help him,
But the people walk by,
Without so much as a glance,
As if he didn’t exist,
No spite,
No pity,
No nothing,
So the boy just sits in the corner and cries and cries and cries,
I go closer to him,
“What’s wrong little boy” I ask,
“It’s my birthday today and my sister didn’t call,”
“That’s wrong,” I say “I called I swear,
It’s just that they’re at it again,”
They’re yelling again,
And screaming again,
They pretend that they’re not,
But I can feel that they’re mad and angry.
I am pulled back,
I struggle,
I screech,
I want to help him,
I have to help him,
But I move no further,
So I don’t know what to do,
And I don’t know what to say,
All I can do is just watch the sweet little boy sit in the corner,
And cry,
And cry,
And cry,
A lonely little boy,
Who sits,

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