It started with a knock

December 18, 2009
By , Phoenix, IL
There’s a knock at the door,
Knock, Knock,
A girl looks out and asks, “Who is it?”
There’s a man at the door,
Just waiting,
The girl doesn’t know who the man is or where he came from,
So he knocks again,
Knock, Knock,
She opens the door and sees a fatherly like figure,
He invites himself in,
Then walks inside and takes a seat on her couch,
She tries her best to keep him out but he keeps himself in,
Grabbing her arm and pulling her down,
She screams and shouts,
But no one is around to do so,
He leaves her all messed up in the head,
With her arms and legs a blood strain red,
Now she is only the age of 13,
Not knowing what she wanted to do with her life and dreams,
Probably a doctor, a lawyer, or maybe even a teacher,
But just because this happened there may not be a dream for her,
So when the girl’s mother gets home she doesn’t believe her daughter,
How could you not believe such a thing?
Seeing that the girl is crying,
The girl tries to go to doctor but doesn’t want her to,
The girl was so worried,
But mother doesn’t care or she would hurry,
The girl later ends up dying because her mother thought she was lying,
When the girl was just trying to figure out whether she had a disease,
Or a baby by a man she didn’t seem to even please,
The girl died from HIV,
Not saying this would’ve made it any better but I’m glad it wasn’t me,
Getting this bad disease HIV,
When the mother was at her daughter’s funeral she knew that she was wrong,
Because of the hatred that went on so long,
Not accepting what happened to the child,
Like a new born infant put out into the wild,
Left only for death.

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