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November 23, 2009
By kitty_kat SILVER, Rockport, Texas
kitty_kat SILVER, Rockport, Texas
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I'm the kid
standing on top of the ant hill
holding the magnifying glass
waiting for it to catch fire
I'm the kerosene
waiting to be lit
by a simple matchor the explosion of a gun
I'm the chainsaw
reving up to cut
down that tree
and all the little creatures inside
I'm the wind
to a catagory 5 hurricane
thats about to level this whole city
including my house and yours
I'm the tsunami thats going to
flood your little torist town
and kill inocent people
every single year
I'm the child
thats going to break
your heart
and your household
I'm the cat'the pees on the bed
and scratches up the furniture
I'm the dog
that bites you and your children
that chews on your shoes
and drowls all over you
I'm the chicken
that you eat
poisened rotten
so when you take a bite
you drop dead seconds later
and i'm left here basking
in the splendor of
my triumph
I'm your worst nightmare
hidding in the shaddows
waiting for when
you least expect me
and strike
strike so hard
that here is no longer
a you or your stupid family
your all gone
just like i've always wished

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