October 31, 2009
By Anonymous

you wonder why i am this way
i wonder why you do
you wonder why you love me
i wonder why i cant hate you

any more than i do already
how could it rwach a limit
im not ready for it to stop just yet cause my hearts engulfed in it

i wonder why you hurt me so
you wonder why i lie
i wonder why you even care
you wonder why i cry

i cry because no one loves me
i cry beacuse no one cares
i cry because it eases the pain
i cry because no ones there

you wonder why i hate you
i wonder how you know
you wonder why im not like you
i wonder when it shows

id hate to be any more like you
i am too much that way already
you dont really know who i am
you pretend to keep life steady

i wonder why i am this way
you wonder why i do
i wonder why you love me
you wonder why i cant hate you

you gave me a gift that i hated so much
and i want to return it i do
you gave me hiv my love
and for that i will always hate you

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