Jellyfish Dr.

October 24, 2009
By Anonymous

The gasoline spills sprawl like wounded jellyfish on the murky shore.
And the cars craze by, ignoring ignorance, reveling in speed.
I wonder where they are headed for so fast, so early.
Why they are trying so hard when the light has already turned red.

I guess maybe that empty pill bottle changes things.
Put on your wipers.
My teardrops are clouding your windshield.
This dashboard is archaic.
The rainy days prosaic.
I miss salad days
And hazy nights

If you're turning down the wrong road a warning might be nice
And I wish the road wasn't so slick
I foresee a crashing of ideals and morals.

When you told me that story
I was alone I swear
And everyone else was too drunk to drive
Just turn on the radio
And skip
And skip
And skip.

I hope you puke till you can no longer tell the difference between her and her
Between red and yellow and green
And there's no crying in driving
I told you not to go
There was a f***ing stop sign
I told you not to
You swore to me
You broke your promise like a glass vase
You ruined your premise you hypocrite
You piece of s***.
Rantings spill like gasoline on drowning sidewalks.

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