October 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Sitting on my bed,
me beside me,
sounds leak from beyond my door,
the voices get louder,
and I only wish they would stop,

I reach for my headphones,
and turn up the volume,
the noises get louder,
I wish they wouldn't argue,

of course it's about me,
the one who tries the hardest,
the one who does the most work,
but can't help but argue,

an attitude i might have,
but guts i do not,
can't tell you to stop,
can't tell you to shut up,
your hand reaches up,
I flinch in fear,
you get angrier,
your hateful words,
are all I can hear,

a knock on the door,
and you slowly drift away,
but in just a few minutes,
you'll be back to do me away,

figures this would happen,
it does everyday,
I shouldn't be surprised,
but i am any way,

Maybe one day,
when I'm gone and don't dare to come back,
you'll think of what you did,
how you treated us,
and regret all your past,
but for right now i can only hope,
that tomorrow I'll wake up,
and not hear yelling,
not feel scared,
not hear you anymore.

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