The Huddle

December 18, 2009
The huddle is one of the most important things in football.
But Some times it gets boring.
You always have to run back to it after every play.
Play after play its to your running backs.
And then,
You hear the quarter back say it’s coming to you.
You break the huddle with such intensity.
You get to the line and stare down your defender.
“RED, SET GO,” you hear your quarter back yell.
BAM your off down the field.
You’re running and running and suddenly you make a clean cut, precise juke.
Now you’re looking for the ball.
“Tick,” the ball touches your hands very lightly, a perfect catch,
And now you’re off to the races.

Your path is clear.
But wait,
You see your defender catching you.
You turn on the jets.
The thirty, the twenty, the ten, and
You jump, time freezes, your in the air, and
You hear everybody scream.
Now it’s back to the huddle

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