Dark and Winding Roads

December 18, 2009
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The cool summer night air rushes through cracked windows as we speed,
twisting and turning through countless trees.

Bright headlights illuminate the windy road before us.
The green lights of the dashboard reflect lightly off your smooth skin.

We pull into a subdivision,
quaint little houses
full of sleeping families,
unaware of their guests.

Your hand parts from mine
and the sweat begins to evaporate,
as you stick your head out the window,
and I do the same.

We marvel at the black blanket above us,
millions of lights shimmering,
satellites sliding by.
The beauty is there for our taking.

Your hand caresses mine once again
and our fingers interlock.
Our lips meet,
and I wonder how I am not floating.

But the moment is over as soon as it began
and we must navigate dark and windy roads once again.

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