The Ghost of Me

October 13, 2009
By , Charleston, SC
You did me wrong
You hurt me
and made me strong
What were you trying to do?
break me in two?
You were my world
And everything in my head
You caused me all those nights
I sat up in my bed
because all i wanted to do was live for you
Even though I knew you didn't love me to
How could you do this?
I gave you my heart
And my hands to hold
My lips to kiss
How could you miss,
How much I was in love with you.
You were always somewhere else
not where you belonged
next to me.
All i wanted us to be,
was happy
me and you forever
never apart.
But your gone now
probably in someone else's arms
telling her the same darn lies
Never again will i try
to make someone happy
Never again will I hold a hand like yours
kiss lips like the ones you possess.
The hurt is bleeding through my pores.
Killing me slowly
draining my thoughts
tearing me the f*** apart.
I miss you still
Every day i think of you
and how it was when it was
just us two.
Do you ever think of me
Do you look at her and
wish it was me?
I doubt it
I was nothing to you
You didn't care
Even though you said you did.
Baby, You killed me
I'm just a ghost now
floating through this world.
You held me down for
way to long.
Never letting me up to breathe,
or to see
you were never really there
never did you care
for me
So I'm going to go
and leave you so.
Please do one thing for me
I know I'm in the back of your head somewhere
Just don't let that slip away
Think of me to
and know I'll always love you.

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