Emily -Escape the Reality

October 11, 2009
By , Orlando, FL
My daughter you are not yet breathing.
But once you are- I will be breathing for you.
To see your brown eyes that can make any man cry.
Just as I melt to your mother's brown eyes.
I can not wait to pick you up, just as I picked up your mother
And sat her on the blanket outside in the rain.
I mutter that sweet beautiful name...Lorraine.
Just hearing that name will contain me and stop me.
No, no, this isn't about her.
But yet with out her there is no you.
She is my cure to all my pain but yet...
Sometimes my pain comes from her.
I move towards her- and she moves forward with her life.
She tells me I will forget her life
Or even worse- she will forget my life.
But yet my darling have no fear
I promise you that I am near you
Give it about 10 years
Then I see your first tears.
And I will taste yours.

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