Death's Journey

October 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Act 1: Dying

A man and a woman, walking together at night,
Loving each other, that much in plain sight.
But why do they walk the alley
Of the deaths in a big tally
They strut without a care, holding tight,
It is like they are both filled by fright.
The night becomes darker, a lone silhouette,
They both jump at the person they just met.
The shadow yells, “Why have you done this?!”
The woman flinches; her mind goes in an abyss.
Her husband has found her, but her man doesn’t know,
That she is married, he thinks it is a show.
The shadow jumps, his hand moving quick,
The woman screams, her clock goes tick.
A quick movement and the world goes bright,
Twice it happens, two booms breaking the night.
The woman is gone instantly, her brain was dead,
But he struggles, he feels like lead.
He falls to the ground, his knees giving away,
Why was here, to die in a play?
The pavement becomes red, staining the ground,
At which the tally of deaths had been found.
His world becomes gray, his light going out.
He fell to the ground, his mind in no doubt.
He will die that night, he thought to himself,
His body will be placed on a cold shelf.
His eyes close, his breath cuts short,
His spirit is gone, not held by a fort.
But this is not the end for them,
For this is movement one, and now they transcend…

Act 2: Passing On

The man has a name, the woman as well
The man is Dean, Vela for the young belle
Their spirits move on, reaching far places,
Leaving Earth with no traces.
Dean looks over and sees Vela traveling with him,
He smiles to her as the world grows dim.
They reach space, a satellite near by,
The see wonderful space and start to cry.
The beauty is great, the sun shines bright
Space is one extravagant sight.
Vela cries not only for beauty,
But for herself, bringing what has come to be.
Dean stops himself, looking ahead,
Waiting patiently for something to be shed.
They travel even farther beyond the stars,
To galaxies unreachable by space cars.
They reach something new, a cloud it seems,
It is so tantalizing, the way it beams.
Their feet touch ground, hidden in the smoke.
They hold hands and go, looking to poke.
They run forward to the next act:
Being judged by not rumor, but fact.
And sadness will come to both Vela and Dean
For not everything after is so keen.

Act 3: Judged Upon

Killed by a gun, beyond the stars they came,
On a newspaper on Earth, getting their fame.
As they run forward, they are ordered to halt,
Something in one of them was at fault.
A figure appeared before them, an image distorted and fuzzy,
“He does not know you much, does he?”
Dean made a face, questioning the statement,
Vela knew she must pay a payment.
“You said ‘til death do we part, yet that is not here.
Vela, you cheated on your one loved peer.”
Dean looked over, and then broke their grip.
He couldn’t believe he was killed by this tip.
Vela cried out, saying please come back,
But he went beside the figure, feeling attacked.
“We can’t be together, for if I’m right,
You are wrong, a horrible sight.”
She was stunned, but knew he was correct.
“You must be sent to the deep, dark depth.”
She started falling instantly, no warning before,
She fell right through the cloud covered floor.
The stars rush by, to fast to see,
For she was going where she needed to be.
Hot fire appeared, and spirits so torn,
Not at all how they looked when they were born.
She saw the tormented spirits, so torn and sad,
She knew that she might become that bad.
The spirits saw Vela, falling so fast,
They became intrigued at the last.
Tears flowed down her face, soft and tan
As she spun through the air, about to land.
Her face made contact, sending pain.
She opened her eyes and saw sons of Cain.
Why was she here, alone without love,
When her husband was still above?
She rose to her feet, and cried in her hands,
Why her, she thought as she fell into sand.
Acts end quickly, but only continue,
Left for another performance on a venue.

Act 4: Away

They spend time away, both feeling well,
One is in heaven, the other is in hell.
Dean feels great, free from his body.
Vela cries now, feeling so naughty.
Their stories are two different tales,
Both hammered in by old nails.
Dean walks on clouds, seeing old friends,
He now has a life that has no ends.
While talking to his friends, someone comes up,
Seeing who it was, he feels like a pup.
His dad died when he was seven years old.
He had spent twenty-one years in the cold.
Now in front of him, seeming so bright,
His dad was one beautiful sight.
He did not look like he died in a crash,
His dad had no scars, not even a gash.
Dean’s eyes filled up, tears blurring his vision.
Yes his life was great, hit with precision.
Dean felt great, but no so for Vela in Hell.
Hell is like fire, making things not so well.
She feels tortured every single day,
This is what the priests all say.
She felt herself tearing, not like being dead,
Torture is like ripping of a head.
She cries so loud, nearly breaking glass,
Vela felt like a fish on a hook, mostly a bass.
Yet both feel sad, away from home,
Both feeling stuck like they’re foam.
They feel different, happy and depressed,
Vela still hasn’t confessed.
It’s her own fault that she was there.
No one near her for care.
But feeling different is another fact,
Another thing for the final act.

Act 5: Moving On

Even with their emotions tearing at their souls,
They still miss life, moving in rolls.
On Earth is where they lived all their life,
But their lives were ended by a gun, not a knife.
Their families buried they bodies, cold and stiff,
Somewhere where gravediggers would later sniff.
The shadow’s guilt grew, he started lashing out,
What happened was different from what he heard about.
His guilt was immense, the meter sky high.
Why did he make his good wife and her lover die?
And with the same weapon he used before,
His body went limp on the cold floor.
Vela saw him come, her evilness sparked.
Her intentions were enough to make a dog bark.
Dean checked in on his sister every now and then,
He saw her live with a child the age of ten.
He smiled to himself, his nephew making a joke,
Something about a man and some smoke.
Vela missed Dean, wanting his arms,
Dean forgot her, like testing a fire alarm.
Yet Vela was forgetting him more and more,
Evil burrowed deep to her core.
So they forgot, never meeting somewhere,
Only once will they come close to bear.
It will be a judgment of both living and dead.
That is where they will feel like lead.
One will see one; a wave is in chance,
Possibly ready for one last dance.
And so that will come, but a mystery is later,
Food? Music? Maybe a waiter?
Vela and Dean’s story is told forever,
How one man caught them, so very clever.
The final act passes, the end comes now.
Vela and Dean are not here though, so there is no bow.

The author's comments:
I would like to say that this was styled like a Shakespeare poem, divided into five acts. Enjoy this one please

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