This isn't meant to offend

September 29, 2009
By Anonymous

This isn’t meant to offend
This isn’t meant to offend, yet I know it will
Because of the world we live in, because of how society works
It’s something that needs to be changed
But it won’t be unless everyone agrees.
Look at this stage
Tell me it’s not segregated?
Did you even notice?
It’s not because I’m white and their black
Or their Muslim or their Asian and their Mexican
For the most part it goes by unquestioned.
You sit and do things with people your comfortable with
That’s natural, and that’s not wrong.
But when it becomes a bigger issue, when you look down on people
Because of it,
Well that’s a problem but it goes all ways.
I’ll never understand the hardships other people have had to face,
But it’s hard all the way around,
Just in different ways.
I’m not trying to say we’re all the same
And we all are faced with the same problems,
Because we’re not and we aren’t.
But doesn’t that mean we need some unity?
Some togetherness?
Some understanding?
We are a diverse country
Yet together we stand
Divided we fall.

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