once enemies...

September 17, 2009
By Anonymous

I stare into the eyes of my once enemy.
Like a shadow, I see myself.
I see him. I see me.
My enemy’s eyes stealing my breath.
Broken promises. I promised. I swore. I lied. I did what I feared. I listened to my heart. Not my head. Now I run. Running from my aching heart. Grabbing my mind. My thoughts. My words. But he is who I think about. I dream about. My enemy. Who I hate. Who I want gone. Who I need. Who I love.

Sweet whispers. Harsh lies. Rapid Heartbeats. Constant tears. Poisoness words.
Once enemies. Becoming lovers.
The truth was exposed. I loved him, He loved me.
Together. In love.
Mistakes. Slowly ending.
There was another. An older girl.
Age came before feelings is his mind. He wanted her.
Heartbroken. The end. Permanent Scars beneath my surface. Tears.
Again enemies. They ended.

He missed me.
He called. I ignored.
He approached. I walked away.
He stared. I looked away.
But with each look.
Each call.
Each approach.
Each smile.
He still took my breathe away.
He pleaded for forgiveness; he was sorry.
Months passed. Now a year.
He couldn’t stand it.

One note he sent.
I didn’t know it was his last.
Cars collided. His eyes forever shut.
I was told. He was gone. I read. I cried.
I could hear his voice tell me;
He wouldn't love anyone else.
He wouldn't live without me.
He wouldn’t hurt me again.
He didn’t deserve me, but he needed me.
He said I was perfect.
I was his everything and he was mine.
Once enemies. Forever loves.
I couldn't live without him.
Together forever.
Me and him.

The author's comments:
only half of it really happened but i made a good poem lol

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