Storms and Ivory

December 13, 2009
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Kisses on the beach
They smell of ivory
Winds tickle my lips
And tease my dress around

Storms onto dry land
They smell of oceans and of freedom
Whisk me away
Far away to some pirate ship

Grandma standing
Washing my face over the sink
Smile up at her

These memories play with me
And gently put me down
They help me sleep at night
When my crying is the only sound

Clap to a song we’ve heard before
Dance to a tune we’ve memorized
Pinch my nose – kiss my cheek
Time to sleep

Wake up – she’s not there
Lay down
Pillow she’s made long ago
Before she had to leave

Looking for her
Where’s the ivory?
I don’t smell the storm

Splash on the porch
Water left from the night before
Grilled cheese and cartoons
Tell Grandma what everything means

Tortillas and Mexican soup
Don’t smell as good as ivory
Burn my eyes
But I smile anyway

Splash of water
Wait – it’s all a dream
Sweet dreams Grandma
Hope you still kiss me tonight

These memories play with me
And gently put me down
Like my favorite childhood story
They smell of storms and ivory

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