Letting Go This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

December 13, 2009
Your shirt smells like cigarettes and sweat
But I don't want to tell you
Not just yet

Not 'til I'm sure I'm ready to let go
Though times when you hold me
Make me sure I don't know

When you walk out that door
In the fleeting moonlight
And I try to stop you
You yell, and you fight

My head hits the floor
Your fist unclenches
And you begin running off searching
For what? You won't mention

The night flies on by
I cradle my head
While I sob, and I cry
In this cold, lonely bed

Then everyone asks,
"He's the best you can get?"
So I nod, and say "yes,"
'Cause I can't let you go,
Not just yet.

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