December 13, 2009
It's the breathe of serpents and stone that kills us all tonight.
Coiling upon the altar, coiling upon the edifices that we so cherished.
Just to watch them wither away, wither away into nothing.
In this temple we call faith, I walk the grounds in search of what I've lost.
Upon the tombs of lost I hunt for remnants of days gone by.
Shoveling deep into the Earth.
Unearthing everything I knew was dead.
A faint reminder of what we purged ourselves long before.
Returning to the towers above the grounds, I stare out my window to the nothingness below.
Returning to a life devoid, devoid of confidence.
Brimming with venom.
A dive into the ditch I just dug will end this night of serpents and stone.

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