Hate To Love

December 12, 2009
By Rawkstar_bri GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
Rawkstar_bri GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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All is far in love and war

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade But if only you used the lemons to make the lemonade then the drink would be bitter Kinda like in the love game It takes two make things go right ther is no "I" in love but there's an "e" for we If only one person loved in the relationship then they would need to rethink it Some people can accomplish abything but when it comes to this crazy game called love they would rather love in slow motion It seems like when we give in to love we always ended losing something Whether its a broken-heart or a bestfriend, a loved one or whatever and then for some, they dive n head forst not caring about the pros & cons for them a broken-heart is like a puzzle Tear it apart and try again then for some, a broken-heart is like a car crash or broken glass You can't undo the damage once it's done....Which is whay many HATE TO LOVE

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