Losing Faith

December 11, 2009
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It’s upsetting to me
To see how differently
You view things from
One minute to another.

You question whether
Faith exists, yet, once
Upon a time, you seemed
To have so much of it.

Faith is a concept that we
Are not supposed to
Understand, but have.

Faith is what keeps and
Will keep me going strong for
Every single day of my
Entire existence on planet

It is what lets me know
That everything is
Going to be okay.

Do not focus on what we cannot
Understand, but know that
We are not meant to understand

Faith is what I thought you had.
But perhaps that was just
Once upon a time.

Dig deep and find the faith
You once had.

I hope you will find it again.

Grasp it, hold on to
It ever so tightly, and

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