Seven Year Old Girl

December 11, 2009
Not even I am able to melt
That heart of ice heavy in your chest
Does it not pain your shoulders?
Does it not take an expensive toll on your back?
The same back that once carried a seven year old girl
Across a roaring creek
One bound was all it took
To clear her worst enemy
The same back that came to the rescue
When the small legs of that little girl
Could carry on no longer

Is it not difficult to hold your stiff posture?
Does that heart of ice not grow heavier
With every day that passes?
With what logic does your mind right his?
Who is benefitting from this condemning behavior?
What could have been done to you
So that not even that seven year old girl
Is able to melt the icy rock
Residing in your chest?

What could have been done to you
To make the sight of your daughter
Falling apart at the seams
Crystal like tears flowing down her cheeks
Preferable to stepping down from your throne
Dismounting your high horse?

Why do you bury all signs of weakness
All signs of emotion
Deep down in your soul?
Locked away for so long
That you forgot they even existed
Why can’t you see what you’ve become?
When will you open your eyes
And see the disaster you’ve left in your wake?
When will you see that eight years later
That no longer seven year old girl is walking away
And you are pushing her out the door

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